ZeroLoco™ is at the forefront of advanced steam technology and presents the most affordable, powerful and resilient zero-carbon rail solution.

Rail is the most efficient means of transporting passengers and freight across land. Neglected in favour of inefficient, expensive and harmful lorries and private motor vehicles, rail remains the ultimate land transport option.

Railways have two options, burn unaffordable diesel fuel or face the high cost of electrification.

This must change.

The advanced steam solution

ZeroLoco™ is an advanced steam locomotive. It burns solid-biofuels including cordwood, hog wood (both wet and dry) and common waste products such as sugarcane, bagasse and crop residues. The regenerative growth of these solid-biofuels means that no additional carbon dioxide is added to the atmosphere.

“Rail is more cost effective, time effective and prevents traffic congestion”

Naleen Maan, Cane Farmer, Vitogo, Fiji

The climate crisis and record high fossil fuel prices cement the ZeroLoco™ as the most economical and environmentally conscious land transport option available.

Economics of a ZeroLoco™

  1. Lowest energy cost per tonne/km (90% saving1)
  2. Near zero infrastructure cost (water supply and fuel storage only)
  3. Moderate capital expenditure
  4. Low maintenance cost
  5. Carbon tax free – now and in the future
  6. Fuel energy independence; reduce foreign expenditure on fossil imports
  7. Climate friendly brand positioning

1 -90% saving in energy costs is based upon a diesel price of NZ $2.40 and a ‘hog fuel’ solid-biofuel price of $50/tonne (NZ cost price).

ZeroLoco™ advanced steam technology

  • Matches the performance of an equivalent diesel engine
  • Up to ten times the torque of a diesel
  • Complete combustion with zero sparks and smoke emissions
  • 10-20 minute warm up time
  • Solid-biofuel powered
  • Explosion proof design
  • Low maintenance design