ZeroLoco™ uses raw solid biofuel directly giving a crucial advantage over other transport technologies.

ZeroLoco™ vs. Diesel

>35% reduction in overall operating costs.

>96% reduction in CO2 emissions.

4x more reliable in service.

What about new ‘green’ technologies?

Energy Return on Investment (EROI) is the metric used to compare the viability of energy technologies. EROI measures the energy profitability of an energy source.

Raw solid biofuel in the bunker of ZeroLoco™ has an EROI of at least 25:1, which is well above the minimum of 10:1 believed necessary to sustain civilisation. For comparison, photovoltaic panels have an EROI of less than 5:1, falling below 1:1 when hydrogen is used as the energy carrier. Liquid biofuel varies between <1:1 and 2:1.

We’ll leave it to Prof. Susan Krumdieck to put this in perspective in her video below:

One dollar spent refuelling ZeroLoco™ will transport over four times the load.