Sam Mackwell – Founder & Chief Mechanical Engineer

Sam is driven to develop affordable zero-carbon transport solutions for a world moving beyond fossil fuels. With a decade of hands-on research and development behind him, Sam has identified biomass as the most viable source for zero-carbon energy. He spent the past seven years developing the most effective ways to utilise biomass, culminating with Mackwell Locomotive Co’s advanced-steam technology. Before exploring advanced steam traction, Sam successfully constructed and tested liquid biofuel powered turbine engines (gas and steam) and hydrogen electrolysers. Sam’s experience with Steam Driven Vehicles has led to him becoming a MITO registered assessor for steam driven vehicle qualifications.

Philip Royds – Investor & Advisor

Philip’s vision is to take the diesel out of everything, but especially heavy transport and agricultural machinery. Philip’s family background is in farming, and he has extensive personal experience with agricultural machinery and a deep understanding of the farmer’s needs. He brings strong skills in business planning, engineering management, entrepreneurship, and sales from co-founding Link Engine Management Ltd, a thirty year old, world leading Motor Sport Engine Management Company and a finalist in the NZ 2021 Hi-Tech awards. Link Manufactures all of their ECUs in NZ and distributes them through offices in the UK, Malaysia, Australia, Spain and the USA.

Jennifer Manson – Operations Manager

Jennifer’s B.Sc. is in Computer Science from the University of Canterbury where she participated in the prestigious, by-invitation Honours program. Her early career was in technical software design/development and technical communication. She founded two businesses, one in real estate and one in publishing, before returning to technology to work with larger teams on projects with broader impact. She has an enormous amount of experience in all aspects of business management and development, and great passion and skill in leading talented teams to deliver successful, innovative projects.

William Bowden – Business Development

With a passion for biophysical economics and the energy transition, William recognises the role that Mackwell Boiler Technology will play in a world moving beyond fossil fuels. He first came to Mackwell Locomotive Co. as a Postgraduate Science Communication Student, producing “Loco”, a 10 minute documentary for AgLoco®. William now leads customer outreach, sales and marketing and the company’s media presence.

Darian Oberprantacher – Aesthetic design

A steam locomotive buff since early childhood, Darian now recognises the leading role that advanced steam locomotives will play in a zero-carbon future. As an aesthetic designer for Mackwell Locomotive Co., Darian turns his passion for steam and vision for sustainability into reality. Attention to the aesthetic design is important to create a product that is environmentally sustainable and equally, emotionally sustainable as well. He has recently completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Transportation Design at the prestigious European Institute of Design in Turin, Italy and works from mountainous South Tyrol, Italy.