Locomotive Boilers

Replacement Locomotive Boilers

The Mackwell Boiler Technology was developed as a direct result of our founder’s experience maintaining, firing and driving historic steam locomotives. As a result, we are dedicated to supporting the operation of steam locomotives around the world.

The basic concept behind Mackwell Boiler Technology

The preservation movement faces many challenges; spark, smoke and carbon emissions are some of the most significant. In many locations, volunteer shortages are just as challenging.

We offer new locomotive boilers embodying our technology, custom designed and built to suit the specification and appearance of any heritage steam locomotive boiler. These boilers provide the following advantages:

Identical appearance ensuring that external authenticity is retained.

Zero spark emissions eliminating the risk of line-side fires.

Zero smoke, soot and char emissions removing unpleasant maintenance and avoiding public objection.

Zero carbon by using low grade solid biofuels e.g. hog fuel and wood chip, or high grade e.g. biocoal, pellets or briquettes.

Zero explosion risk reducing or eliminating inspection requirements.

Zero priming delivering high purity steam, reducing engine wear and preventing damage.

Low maintenance, no stays to break or crownsheets to collapse. Our heat exchanger design eliminates washouts and cleaning in combination with Porta treatment. Fewer volunteer hours are required to operate locomotives fitted with our technology.

30 minute lightup allowing crews to arrive hours later or trains to depart earlier.

High efficiency reducing fuel consumption, particularly important when using solid biofuel.

Easy steaming ensures full steam pressure even with less experienced firemen.

Key differences between conventional locomotive boilers and Mackwell technology.
For a quotation, send your locomotive boiler’s drawings & specifications to info@mackwelloco.com