The first locomotive to be designed & built by Mackwell Locomotive Company is a 40 tonne 2-6-0 steam locomotive. The design incorporates a completely new boiler design in addition to technology developed and improved by Argentinian steam locomotive engineer, Porta. The locomotive is rated to develop 400 cylinder-horsepower (298 kW) and is designed for an operating range of 300 km before taking water and wood fuel.

Construction of the locomotive began with its boiler in 2018. This was completed in March 2019, followed by several months of extensive testing during which time the boiler met and exceeded performance expectations. These expectations included:

  • Zero smoke emissions.
  • Zero spark emissions.
  • Rapid steam raising.
  • High efficiency.
  • Very low maintenance.

This locomotive represents the first phase of development which is concerned with proving in-service the core technology, reliability and overall performance. In subsequent development phases, technology to automate various aspects of operation will be introduced as required.

The locomotive’s technical specifications can be downloaded here (Note that these specifications are subject to revision.):

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